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FAQ's About Dry Ice Blasting

More and more people are turning to dry ice blasting as a means of removing serious dirt, paint and other hard to remove coatings. Considering the fact that most people haven't even heard of sand blasting, let alone ice blasting, it is common for people to be a little unsure of exactly what it is and why it can help them more than other cleaning methods. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about this advanced cleaning method.

Why is Dry Ice Blasting so Effective?

Ice blasting is one of the most effective means of cleaning incredibly tough stains for a number of scientific reasons. The easiest to understand is probably the fact that the ice is hitting the surface of what is being cleaned at speeds close to the speed of sound. There is then the fact that the low temperature of the ice makes stains and coatings far more brittle and therefore easier to remove.

Why is Dry Ice Blasting Superior to Sand Blasting?

Of course ice blasting is not the only option if you are looking to use blasting methods to help you clean. The advantage of using dry ice however over other more traditional blasting materials is that dry ice turns into vapor as soon as it hits the surface of what is being cleaned. This means that there are is no secondary waste material to be cleaned up. With more traditional blasting methods, the resulting sand or glass can get just about everywhere and you can find yourself with an even bigger mess than when you started.

Can Dry Ice Blasting Damage What is Being Cleaned?

Of course there would be little point in any cleaning method that actually damaged what it was being used on. While ice blasting is incredibly powerful, said power can be easily adjusted by reducing the speed at which the ice is blasted. You can therefore use dry ice blasting on most types of materials without any fear of surface damage.

How Long Does it Take for Ice Blasting to Work?

Just like any other cleaning method, there is no real general estimate that can be made without specific information about individual objects that need to be cleaned. Factors that can affect the length of time that cleaning will take include the coating/dirt that is actually being removed and the material of the structure that is actually underneath said coating.


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